Live in Amsterdam:
Xilent Records Presents:
Beam the Bomb | Zvov | Maija Anttila & Jonathan Nagel

& album release
BonBomb” by industrial easy listening trio Beam the Bomb

The new Amsterdam-based label Xilent Records endorses multi-faceted works, which invite to be experienced sonically, visually, physically, intuitively or intellectually. 

This night will feature three different live sets of curious and daring artistic projects.

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  • Amsterdam-based trio “Beam the Bomb” spawns blissful industrial easy listening music. They will present their brand new album “BonBomb“, which is released the same day on Xilent Records as cassette tape and digitally.
  • Zvov” shows their acoustic dada music-theater work “The First Bird Eurovision“. 13 birds from around the world, embodied by two musicians playing viola and double bass, come to life with music, movement and costumes.
  • Maija Anttila & Jonathan Nagel released their album “Way Over Time” last spring on Xilent Records. Now finally they will play their work of ambient electro-acoustic soundscapes in a live concert.

18:30 Doors open. We will offer homemade vegan food for a friendly price, so don’t worry about coming hungry from work. We got you covered!

19:30 – 21:15 Live shows

22:00 Bar / building closes to respect the neighbors

Venue – OT301 Ventilator cinema / bar

Tickets between 8 – 20 €. Pay what you can, we trust you that you can make an appropriate decision on how much you can support us. All money goes directly to the artists.

Celebrating the album release of

BonBomb” by Beam the Bomb

Xilent Record’s 6th album features the Amsterdam experimental music group Beam the Bomb. Their new album “BonBomb” releases on Monday, October 23rd, 2023, on cassette and digitally.

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More information here: XTR-006

Double release May 26, 2023

Two new albums see the light of day! Maya Felixbrot’s “I didn’t take any hearts” and Marithé & Jonathan’s “an august silence” are like two sides of a medal. They are both characterized by elements of spoken word poetry, minimal music, cinematic soundscapes and surrealistic, eccentric worldviews. Also, both are based on a cast with voice and a string instrument. But while “an august silence” focuses on a fragile, melancholic atmosphere with delicate acoustic sounds and subtle field recordings, “I didn’t take any hearts” is a firework of danceable electronic beats and complex rhythms.

Available for streaming and download on Bandcamp, or your favorite streaming platform.

“an august silence” is also available as a limited edition CD with a booklet including lyrics and illustrations.

Click on the images below to listen to the albums on Bandcamp!