‘I didn’t take any hearts’

– Maya Felixbrot

Release: May 26, 2023

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Like many others, I recorded this album sometime during the beginning of the pandemic. I had time and space and the silence of the beginning of spring, to record melodies and texts that were circulating with me at that time. Since then – pregnancy and birth, and other journeys, adventures and tribulations of life have passed, and after 3 years, here it is. 

I wanted to create music that encourages people to move and it happened to fit all my preoccupations in recent years; (re)connecting sound and movement with the belief that they contribute to the meaning in our lives. 

I also wanted to make music that would help me move; that would express my own movement and the movement I want to feel in the world. 

For this reason, I turned to Daniel Slabosky and asked him to help me emphasize the movement, give it a groove and deepen its electronic world.

I thought about calling the album ‘Music for Movement’, but in the end, it sounded too general, so I named it I didn’t take any hearts instead, which is a lyric from the the third song on the album. The lyrics are all derived from my dreams, which I write down. I’m a pretty devout dream writer, at least during certain periods. They are not edited, only translated from Hebrew to English, and presented as they are.

My deep gratitude to Daniel Slabosky, Dotan Brand, Shelly Yosha, Xilent Records, Viktoria Arayova and all my friends, colleagues and family.

Music, Viola, text and voice: Maya Felixbrot
Production: Daniel Slabosky


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